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3 Crimes Punishable by Life Without Parole in Nevada

In Nevada, life imprisonment without the possibility for parole is a punishment for category A felony offenses:

  1. First-Degree Murder; 

  2. First-Degree Kidnapping w/ bodily harm; 

  3. Sexual Assault with Substantial Bodily Harm;

First-Degree Murder

Homicide that is either:

  1. Perpetrated with poison, torture or any other kind of willful, deliberate killing; or

  2. Committed in perpetration of sexual assault, arson, robbery, burglary, kidnapping, home invasion, sexual abuse of a child; or

  3. Committed to avoid lawful arrest of any person or to effect the escape of a person from custody; or

  4. Committed on property of a public or private school; or 

  5. Committed in perpetration or attempted perpetration of an act of terrorism.

First-Degree Kidnapping

Kidnapping that occurs:

  1. For ransom, or reward, or 

  2. For the purpose of committing sexual assault, robbery or extortion upon the person, or

  3. For the purpose of killing the person or inflicting substantial bodily harm, or 

  4. To exact from relatives or any person any money or valuable thing for the return of the kidnapped person. 

Sexual Assault with Substantial Bodily Harm

Sexual assault occurs when a person:

  1. Subjects another person to sexual penetration without consent; or 

  2. Commits sexual penetration upon a child under 14 years old. 

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