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Buying a Motorcycle? 5 Things to Keep in Mind

Clear, summer days are here - this is good news to most motorcyclists in Las Vegas. But, that does not mean they should ride without caution - last year’s increase in motorcycle fatalities, up an astonishing 10 percent form the previous year, serves as a reminder that people enjoy riding should always adhere to some safety tips in order to avoid accidents. 

Before mounting your bike, ensure that you’re comfortable handling it.  Before purchasing a bike, follow this guide before you even start up the engine: 

  1. Your feet should touch the ground, rather than be on your tip toes.

  2. The controls and handlebars should be easily accessible and within quick reach.

  3. Test your motorcycle by making sure you can get it on and off of the stand.

  4. Buy genuine leather; it protects your skin from the road and solid garments are key for motorcycle safety. 

  5. Walk around and examine the bike for any damage before purchasing it and driving off the lot. 

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