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Four Questions Attorneys can Ask About your Pain & Injury Claim:

The state of Nevada sets a time frame for personal injury lawsuits. If you wait too long, the court may reject your case.

Because of the complexities of the law, you deserve an attorney who genuinely cares about you and your situation. You deserve attorneys who have a passion for helping people and have the experience & skill to help you. Four questions an attorney could ask about your pain and injury claim are:

  1. Has the injury affected relationships at home or at work?

  2. Is your daily routine changed or altered because of your injury?

  3. Has your lifestyle changed at all? Do you have trouble sleeping or loss of appetite?

  4. Will the injury leave you with lasting scars or damage your lifestyle?

These questions are all pertinent in recognizing the extent and effect the accident has had in all fields of life for you.

If you have been in an accident due to another person’s negligence, contact us today at 702.384.9800 for a free consultation


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