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Grillmasters: Barbecue and Food Safety for 4th of July

Tips from the team at Sgro & Roger:

If you have the honor of manning the grill for your party this 4th of July, make sure to take these precautions:

  1. Use the grill outside, not inside.

    1. A seemingly simple tip, but small grills indoors can result in uncontrollable fires. 

  2. Tend to the grill; this will keep your food from burning.

    1. Keep people, children and pets at a safe distance by staying close to the grill.

  3. Don’t pour lighter fluid on an open flame. 

    1. The flame could travel up the bottle and burn your hands or make its way inside of the bottle, igniting the lighter fluid. 

Improperly prepared food can cause several different problems from food poisoning to choking. Here are some more things to keep in mind for a few different food groups:

  1. Eggs - Keep the eggs at a safe temperature, exposing egg salad or deviled eggs to the Las Vegas sun can spoil them.

  2. Hamburgers - Give the burger enough time on the grill so that it can cook - from E. Coli to salmonella and listeria, the last way you want to spend the Fourth of July is in the hospital because you didn’t cook your meat for long enough. 

  3. Peanuts - be weary with small children when it comes to this snack because they could choke on the nuts if they don’t chew properly. 

Don’t drink and drive. This is the most common offense on the Fourth of July.


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