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Helpful Tips When Being Arrested:

If it’s the first time or the fifth, it is always stressful and overwhelming to be arrested. People oftentimes will try to explain themselves to the police officer because they believe that might help them avoid getting charged with a criminal offense. Contrary to popular belief, whatever you say can and probably will harm your case. 

Here are a few helpful tips to remember if you are being arrested:

  1. Do not resist arrest - Even if you believe your rights are being violated and even if you believe you are being unfairly arrested, it is imperative that you avoid arguing, fighting or attempting to flee from the officers of the law. Not only can these actions result in serious physical harm, but you may be charged with resisting arrest or other crimes subject to jail time and fines. 

  2. You can refuse consent to a search - The fourth amendment guarantees a constitutional protection against “unreasonable search and seizure.” If the authorities have a search warrant or probable cause, they do have the right to search your person or property. Anything discovered in an illegal search, however, can be suppressed in court. 

  3. Remain silent - Your Miranda rights give you the right to not incriminate yourself. Police officers do not have to tell suspects the truth while they are investigating and are allowed to purposefully deceive people in order to get you to disclose any information that may be incriminating. Utilize your right to remain silent and refuse to answer questions you are asked without the company of an attorney. 

Should you have more questions about a recent arrest or if you are facing criminal charges, we have a one-of-a-kind, dedicated team of attorneys that cultivate their knowledge in the legal field to ensure that you receive the legal expertise you deserve. 

Contact us today at 702.384.9800 for a free consultation. 


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