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Jaywalking in Nevada

Normally a minor offense, jaywalking is cited with the same seriousness as a parking ticket; jaywalking in Nevada can result in a citation with an amount and a due date.

Clark County in particular distributes relatively expensive citations for jaywalking and forgetting to pay could result in accumulated fines that greatly increase the cost of the citation. Some courts can issue misdemeanors for not paying on time which can result in a greater citation or even jail-time. 

More importantly, jaywalking can cause serious traffic accidents that put you and others on the road at risk. Abiding by the crosswalk signs and simply waiting out the unavoidable Las Vegas traffic sponsors a safer environment for all parties involved. 

In a less sesquipedalian manner, jaywalking consists of the following consequences:

a $95-$695 fine ($198 in Clark County, typically)

possible detainment (in cases that may have resulted in an accident)

If you, or anybody you know has been cited for jaywalking, is facing criminal charges for any offense in Nevada or needs legal advice in the case of personal injury, call us at 702.384.9800. 



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