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Marijuana & Nevada: Common Questions

How much marijuana can you possess? It is legal to posses up to 1 oz. of marijuana; using marijuana recreationally in public, however, is still a misdemeanor. Recreational marijuana may only be consumed in private residences. 

Can you possess marijuana at a casino or in a hotel? Marijuana is prohibited throughout casinos and hotel properties, including guest rooms. Housekeepers who discover marijuana may call their superiors who may also call the authorities.  Can you smoke in a dorm room or at school? Nevada’s secondary, undergraduate, and graduate schools including UNLV abide by a zero-tolerance drug policy for students and staff.  Can I carry marijuana in local or state government buildings? Depending on the building, the safe answer is no. Nevada law still prohibits the consumption of marijuana anywhere but in a private residence. Landlords can also prohibit marijuana and employers still have the right to test workers for drugs and fire them for drug use.  Can I drive with marijuana in my car? Drivers under the influence of marijuana may be prosecuted with DUI charges.  If you or somebody you know has been charged with possession, DUI or is facing criminal issues, contact Sgro & Roger for a free consultation today at 702.384.9800. 


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