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Mediation could be your best option...

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

Mediation is a problem-solving process wherein parties work together, with the assistance of a neutral third person, to develop and reach a mutually acceptable outcome.  Mediation is used as a tool to resolve many forms of conflict, including but not limited to: child custody disputes, contract/business disputes and workplace disagreements. Mediation is completely voluntary, and can be very empowering to parties who want to try and resolve their conflict without going to court. 

When parents separate or get divorced, there are usually strong emotions and often disagreements about children and financial issues. Often times, parents have different ideas about parenting arrangements that are best for their children, and that can lead to conflict. Mediation is about fortifying and preserving the co-parenting relationship.  When mediating a child custody dispute, parents meet and work together to develop a Parenting Plan that they believe is in the best interests of their children.  With the assistance of the mediator, parents can explore such issues as how much time the child will spend with each parent, how important decisions concerning the child will be made, and how holiday and vacation time will be divided.  Once the parents have come to an agreement, it can then be filed with the court. 

If you believe mediation might be an option for you, call Sgro & Roger…


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