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Mr. Sgro & Boys Town Nevada

Opened in 1991, Boys Town offers a unique support system to children and families in need.

Children that are surrounded by rampant drug-use and gang activity are given a sense of community and care through a continuum that includes a residential campus of four Family Homes, where boys and girls learn values that build upon a better future. The Continuum is unique to Boys Town and enables the system to deliver the right care at the right time to troubled children and families who do face threatening circumstances.

These children are given family-based services like tutoring, parents are given a family model that emphasizes techniques that encourage communication, proactive discipline, self-control and success.

Boys Town is one of the largest non-profit child care agencies in the entire country and all of its progress centers around compassionate treatment. Boys Town also provides a behavior health clinic that includes things like parent training, family therapy, individual therapy and even psychological assessments. Children with serious emotional or behavioral problems are given the attention necessary with reunification with their families as the ultimate goal. Boys Town Nevada is dedicated to helping families stay together.

How UFC & Boys Town Nevada Came Together:

Fifteen years ago, with the support of UFC President Dana White, and several UFC athletes, Tony Sgro coordinated the first joint Boys Town Nevada and UFC event at a local shelter. The event marked the beginning of a relationship between the two groups that has expanded to a national level. Numerous events are now held each year providing opportunities for the athletes to get involved through activities and volunteering. Having witnessed what a difference these events have made, Sgro remains dedicated to ensuring that the relationship continues to evolve through donating his time and resources.

Now on the board of directors as vice-chairmen, Mr. Sgro continues to pave the way for a successful Boys Town Nevada. Using his connections in the city, Tony built the connection between Boys Town Nevada and the UFC brand. This connection has resulted in countless contributions, involvement from athletes and Boys Town Nevada’s continued success in fostering positive lives for the children of America.


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