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Nevada: The Place to Be

To start the week with some positivity, check out the Review Journal article detailing fast-growing state of Nevada. Nevada has placed among the five fastest-growing states for four straight years, including second-place rankings in the past two years. Our population has grown 8.9 percent since 2012 & the economic advantages and employment opportunities in our state have never been better. 

Since 2012, Nevada employment has grown by a nation-leading 17.3 percent according to the Review Journal.  In fact, Nevada ranks among the top five states in 44 of the past 55 months, including a streak of 19 straight months through the end of 2017.

In 2017, 59,000 new residents were added to Nevada’s population roster, meaning that small businesses & employers are expanding. With Nevada’s rapid growth & population increase, some would say that there’s no better climate to finally start that small business. As some general rules of thumb, keep these tips in mind should you decide to pursue that entrepreneurial dream:

1. Budget for legal fees.

The legal complexity of starting a business requires experts in the industry; Sgro & Roger has the knowledge and experience to help you with licensing, bonds, contracts & any other business related legal issues.

2. Assume you need twice as much time as you anticipate.

When the idea for your business comes to you and you see a market need that is not being fulfilled, you want to begin working immediately. Before obtaining a license, many businesses must work on a modified basis to operate within legal bounds. 

3. Make sure you’re covered and not breaking the law.

The need to keep up with competitors and expand into new markets can seem pressing, but no corner is worth cutting if it ends up ruining your brand or getting you in hot water. Work with a trusted legal advisor early on to ensure you’re operating within the law.


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