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It's a New year and a new decade. In the beautiful state of Nevada there are new laws for Nevadans. That means some thing to pay attention to for all of Las Vegans. Dozens of laws from vaping to guns are taking effect January 1, 2020. With Nevada becoming the first state to approve a law that may make it easier for some people to get jobs. For job seekers in the new year, if you test positive for marijuana during the hiring process employers can no longer deny you from a job. Under Assembly Bill 132, this new law doesn’t include firefighters, EMT or anyone who drives a vehicle for a living.


Nevada Clean Indoor Air Act: If you like to vape or use e-cigarettes, you won't be able to in most public spaces and indoor work spaces. Anywhere where smoking is not allowed.

Vaping Tax SB 263: E-cigarettes will be taxed 30%. Money from this tax will go toward vaping prevention efforts.

2)GUNS- “Red Flag” Gun Law AB 291: A new law aims to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people or those who want to harm themselves or others. Including a measure to tighten up on those who negligently leave firearms around children.

Background Checks SB 143: Requires almost all private party gun transfers or sales to be run through a state administered background check conducted by a federally licensed firearm dealer.

3)HEALTH CARE- Surprise Medical Bills AB 469: Aims to protect Nevadans from unexpected medical bills that have been leaving some patients with hefty hospital tabs. The bill will prevent out-of-network emergency care providers from overcharging patients.

Pre-existing conditions AB 170: Making Nevada the fifth state to prevent insurers from insurers from denying coverage to patients due to pre-existing conditions

4)LABOR- Minimum Wage AB 456: Nevada’s minimum wage will increase from $8.25 to $12 an hour by 2024. The first increase to $9 per hour will take effect July 1, 2020.


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