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New Year, New Laws - 2019

Two new laws take effect in Nevada on Tuesday: the voter-approved “pink tax” exemption for feminine hygiene products and a bill from the 2017 Legislature dealing with the restoration of civil rights to some felons.

Pink tax

Question 2, which Nevadans approved in November with 56 percent of the vote, will exempt tampons and sanitary napkins from sales and use taxes through 2028.

The tax exemption was initially approved by state lawmakers in the 2017 Legislature before being sent to the voters. Supporters argued that the tax unfairly penalized women for their gender and biology.

Restoring civil rights for felons

The law will restore the right to vote and serve as a juror in a civil trial to those who were convicted of lower-level felonies — classified as category C, D and E offenses and given a “dishonorable” discharge from probation as well as those not currently on parole or probation or serving a prison term. They would also have their right to hold office restored after four years, and right to serve as a juror in a criminal trial after six years.

The new law also restores the rights of those who were discharged from parole or probation or released from prison before Tuesday.

The Nevada secretary of state’s office said in December that there’s no clear timeline on when automatic voter registration (Question 5) could be implemented and that it could cost upwards of $4.8 million depending on how much work is required by the office, such as creating a statewide database of registered voters. via Review Journal

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