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Somebody Hit Me While Texting:

Regardless, if an accident occurs, texting while driving in Nevada is always a violation.

People that have been hit by a driver who was texting have several rights including the following:

  1. Filing a police report,

  2. Filing a law suit, and

  3. Seeking compensation for their injuries. 

Accident victims, or anybody who becomes aware of a texting driver, can file a police report in the jurisdiction where the incident occurred. In Las Vegas, a person can file a police report in one of three ways:

  1. Online at LVMPD’s File a Report Online page;

  2. In person at a police station,;

  3. By telephone at 702.828.3111. 

Victims are advised to consult with an attorney to compose the Incident Crime Report in a way that does not admit liability and is detailed. Filing an ICR is almost always free.

If somebody has hit you because they were texting while driving, or for any reason, contact Sgro & Roger for a free consultation 702.384.9800. 


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