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Tips from a Former Insurance Adjuster

If you have to deal with an insurance adjuster for property damage, personal injury or for any other reason, the process can prove to be incredibly difficult and frustrating for all parties involved.

People would like their claims handled effectively, correctly and fairly.

Here are a few tips from a former insurance adjuster that may increase the responsiveness of your current claims adjuster.

1. Know that your claims adjuster is trying

Adjusters are dealing with dozens of claims every day and are overloaded with work. Understand that adjusters have many people they respond to and may not always be able to move your name to the top of the list.

2. Leave good voicemails

If you have ever tried to reach a claim adjuster by phone, you may have been met by their voicemail. For the most efficient response, leave a detailed and specific message with what you want to discuss and the claim number. 

3. Email is generally better than calling

E-mails will likely get quicker responses than voicemails.  These are easier to answer on the fly and don’t require both parties to be available at the same time to discuss a particular issue.  An added benefit is that you will maintain a thread of conversation to refer back to that can also serve as an electronic record of the process.   

4. If your claims adjuster is truly MIA, escalate it

If multiple days pass without a response or your request is urgent, ask to speak with a supervisor who can address your concern.

If you’ve been in an accident, contact Sgro & Roger today for a free consultation at 702.384.9800.


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