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What Documents Should I Keep in my Car?

Vehicle ownership comes with its fair share of paperwork. When you have a slew of documents related to your ride, keeping track of everything can be tough.

But, replacing a lost title, proof of registration, and proof of insurance can be even tougher! Save yourself some hassle with these tips for keeping track of your paperwork. There are two main kinds of automotive paperwork: documents to have on hand in your vehicle and documents to keep off the road.

Passenger Paperwork: Licenses, Vehicle Registration, and Insurance

  • Your drivers license. Whether you're on the road or not, your driver's license is an essential form of ID. You need to have your license handy for multiple occasions, including traffic incidents, air travel, and more.

  • Your vehicle registration.

  • Proof of insurance. In Nevada, failure to provide proof of registration or proof of insurance to a police offer can result in a traffic ticket.

Home Paperwork: Vehicle Titles and Maintenance Records

  • A copy of your vehicle’s title or your vehicle’s original title;

  • Maintenance records;

Your registration and insurance documentation should stay in the vehicle. Choose a safe spot within your vehicle to keep these papers and keep them separate from any other items. Perhaps consider placing your registration and insurance documents in an envelope or small folder so they are always easy to access.

Consider keeping the phone numbers of towing companies handy & if you have a warranty, make sure information about what’s covered is accessible to you in case of mechanical failure.


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