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What is Disturbing the Peace?

The NRS states that: 

Maliciously and willfully disturbing the peace or quiet of any neighborhood or person or family by loud or unusual noises, or by tumultuous and offensive conduct, threatening, traducing, quarreling, challenging to fight, or fighting is prohibited.

Engaging in any of these actions may result in a misdemeanor. 

Disorderly conduct laws, often referred to as “breach of peace” laws in Nevada, prohibit particular types of conduct that disturb the peace of others. Each state defines disorderly conduct differently but the laws usually restrict making unreasonable noise or fighting in public.  Engaging in any of these actions may result in a misdemeanor. 

In addition to not being able to do these things yourself, it is also a crime to willfully provoke another person to engage in these behaviors. If you provoke another person to commit a breach of peace by word, gesture or sign, you may be charged with a  misdemeanor.

There are several possible defenses to breaching the peace in Nevada, a few of which include:

  • Lack of intent,

  • Self-defense; and/ or

  • Age. 

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