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When & Why do you Need a Lawyer?

Any time you think you need a lawyer, you

should seek legal advice or counsel.

Not all issues are entirely legal; some can be handled with the help of professionals like accountants, doctors, psychologists or counselors but many problems do have a legal dimension.

Sometimes, matters are best left at the hands of well-qualified legal professionals. Any time a major life event or change occurs, it’s important to seek some sort of legal guidance. These changes might include:

  • being served with legal documents relating to a proceeding or lawsuit;

  • causing or being in an accident that causes minor to severe personal injury or property damage;

  • pending changes in family statuses like adoption, birth, divorce or death;

  • pending financial changes like bankruptcy, attaining or losing valuable personal property or real estate;

  • creating estate plans, trusts or wills;

What if I don’t have money for an attorney?

Usually, the earlier an attorney is retained for an issue the better; even the slightest bit of prevention could save you a large sum of money for legal work. Why?

  1.  The law is extremely complicated. Attempting to learn and represent yourself in court, especially in serious criminal or civil matters, can end up costing more than hiring a licensed professional. Not hiring a lawyer, even when starting a business to review particular contracts and forms, can end up with severe legal ramifications.

  2.  Not hiring an attorney may cost more in the long run. Criminal cases mean consequences that include time spent behind bars. Civil cases against you can accrue fees if left unhandled.

  3. Lawyers can challenge evidence. You may not know that evidence presented against you was improperly collected; perhaps the proper steps for obtaining and presenting evidence were not taken by the opposing party.

  4. Their network. Attorneys, especially with 25+ years of experience like the attorneys at Sgro & Roger, have access to a network full of doctors, psychologists and most importantly, information that you might not have.

  5. Having somebody you can trust. A lawyer is legally bound to uphold attorney/client privilege.

Getting in trouble with the law is scary and nobody wants to handle legal issues by themselves; be wise, get ahead and fix the issue by contacting attorneys you can trust. Call Sgro & Roger now at 702.384.9800 for a free consultation.


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