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Zero Tolerance DUI in Nevada

For minors, Nevada’s DUI laws prohibit people from driving with a BAC of .02 or higher whether the drivers are actually under the influence or not. 

The more lenient DUI policy for drivers 21 and over, so long as they are not impaired, states that drivers may operate their vehicle as long as they have a blood alcohol content of less than .08.  The zero tolerance double standard is meant to deter young drivers from ever taking the wheel if they had even a few sips of alcohol. An underage DUI case in Nevada may go to criminal or juvenile court depending on the age of the driver.

Drivers aged 18,19, or 20 years old will be prosecuted in criminal court whether they are charged with a misdemeanor or felony DUI. Drivers under 18 are prosecuted in juvenile court. 

The penalties for underage DUI in Las Vegas vary. 

  • In Juvenile court, first-time DUI’s could include the following penalties:

    • educational classes on the dangers of DUI;

    • community service and/or fines;

    • an order to avoid further citations or arrests; and

    • a suspended juvenile hall sentence contingent on completing other sentencing terms. 

  • In criminal court, under -21 defendants face the same penalties as adults. 

    • 400-1000 in fines,

    • DUI School,

    • a MADD victim impact panel,

    • an order to avoid further arrests or citations other than minor traffic offenses

    • the court may order defendant to install ignition interlock devices in his/her vehicles for three to six months;

    • a six month suspended jail sentence contingent upon completing all sentencing terms. 

If you, your son or your daughter is facing an underage DUI, contact Sgro & Roger today for a free consultation at 702.384.9800


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