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Jayme N. Martinez


Jayme N. Martinez



Jayme Martinez graduated from the University of Nevada Las Vegas, William Boyd School of Law, in 2009. She joined Sgro and Roger in 2012, bringing with her a warmth and generosity that our clients have come to love and appreciate. She has participated in more than 35 civil and criminal jury trials and has an affinity for complex litigation. She also has a keen sense for crafting trial strategy.

Since she has been at Sgro and Roger, she has practiced primarily in the areas of personal injury criminal defense and serves as a licensed family law mediator.

She believes that empowering parents to work together is the best way to preserve a healthy co-parenting relationship when sharing custody of children. In her other matters, she has conducted and participated in numerous felony cases, and has been instrumental in the resolution of tens of millions of dollars in personal injury settlements and trials. She also participated in one of the most unique cases in Nevada history, where she investigated a case that was originally deemed a suicide by law enforcement. Largely based on her unrelenting investigation, law enforcement later reconsidered their position, and the “suicide” was reclassified as a homicide. The individual in question, who was originally set free when the police ruled the homicide a suicide, ultimately was arrested, pled guilty and went to prison.

She is a mother to three beautiful daughters, and relies on yoga, music, and travel in her spare time to stay balanced.

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