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Constuction Worker


Sgro & Roger’s attorneys handle worker’s compensation cases. Our boutique law firm is able to provide our clients with the attention they deserve.

You've been injured:

Employers are required by law to help workers with their injuries and ensure their families maintain a decent standard of living despite the death or disability of the worker should they be injured or deceased.


The process by which you can claim and receive these benefits can be daunting and your employer may not inform you of all that you deserve. 

Sgro & Roger has a department dedicated to fighting for your injured workers’ rights; our legal team constitutes experts in workers’ compensation and you can always call us at 702.384.9800 for a free consultation in regard to your injury.

Construction Worker

How can we help you?


Regardless of the work-related injury, if your claim has been denied, if you’ve had your medical treatment delayed, our attorneys are connected to a multitude of treatment centers throughout Las Vegas for your convenience. We’ve helped clients with several different injuries, from minor to severe.

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