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Black Ice - Tips From the Nevada Department of Transportation

Las Vegas saw some significant snow from a winter storm Wednesday night. But many valley drivers may not be used to seeing a dangerous road condition called black ice.

The Nevada Department of Transportation offers these tips on what to do if you encounter black ice while driving:

  1. Don’t panic or overreact.

  2. Allow the vehicle to pass over the ice and avoid abruptly hitting the brakes.

  3. Try to keep the steering wheel straight.

  4. If your vehicle begins to fishtail or slide, gently turn the wheel in the direction of the skid and slowly remove foot from accelerator.

Depending on how quickly the ice and snow melts and how fast roads dry Thursday afternoon, the region could see black ice form on roads overnight. The biggest concern for black ice is in areas on the west side of the valley and the overpasses and bridges on I-15.

A storm that dumped more than 7 1/2 inches of snow on some parts of the Las Vegas Valley and prompted the closures of two interstate highways linking Las Vegas to Southern California and Arizona was clearing out Thursday(2/21/19), but forecasters and state officials warned that icy roads could be a problem overnight and early Friday. - via Review Journal

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