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David Roger in A&E’s, “O.J. Guilty in Vegas”

“It seemed like the world was watching.”

Partner of Sgro & Roger, David Roger, had come to national media attention from the O. J. Simpson Las Vegas robbery case charge; he personally prosecuted OJ Simpson winning a conviction on all counts against Simpson.

Exclusively on A&E, alongside of new details about the Simpson arrest, Mr. Roger will appear in the Guilty in Vegas special on September 21st, 2017. The special will include all-new, unreleased interrogation audio from the case coupled with voicemails from O.J. himself.

“It seemed like the world was watching that verdict,” he said. “I felt that we had a pretty strong case going into the trial.” The former prosecutor put the former football star behind bars 10 years ago. “I felt that we had an abundance of evidence to prove his guilt,” Mr. Roger said.

Evidence like video and audio recordings, along with testimony from Simpson’s accomplices all contributed to Mr. Roger’s eventual conviction against O.J. leading to Simpson spending 9 full years in prison.

“We weren’t much for playing to the cameras,” said former Clark County District Attorney David Roger. “My focus was to make sure that the police did their job in the case and didn’t get wrapped up in the media attention and the fact that it was O.J. Simpson and I wanted to make sure that the district attorney’s office followed some decorum in prosecuting the case.”

“The ball is in his court,” David Roger said, “By the time he got done with his presentation, I thought it was a 50/50 shot. He took what was supposed to be a done deal with this parole and shot himself in the foot. He almost didn’t even seem remorseful.”


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