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Driving in Vegas Rain - Why is it So Dangerous?

After it rains, for the first ten-minutes once the rain ceases, the road manifests a thin mixture of oil, grease and water. This thin film makes it incredibly difficult for tires to maintain traction, which is why it is much easier to lose control of your vehicle. Lubricants and oil drips from vehicles accumulate on the surface of the road until they are washed away; the first rain loosens these materials. 

Once your vehicle hydroplanes, you must stay calm. According to, the best thing to do is, “steer gently into the skid and stop accelerating, allowing the vehicle to find the road once more. This is important in stormy weather, particularly because of the decreased visibility. 

If you have antilock brakes, pump your brakes once the car has found the road again. You may want to turn your hazard lights on, alerting other drivers that you are having a problem. Remembering to slow down is a vital part of safety on the road, but especially during times when the road is raining. 

The most important thing to do is slow down when you feel as though there are road conditions that can greatly increase your chance of accident. Be wary of other drivers, especially those who drive fast when it rains.

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