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Las Vegas and the Top 3 Metro Areas to Flip Houses

9.8 percent of local home sales in the first quarter of the year were flips. This is the ninth-highest share in the entire country. Flippers were booking average gross profits per home of approximately $54,000 last quarter. 

Usually, the sale of a home within a year constitutes a flip. Las Vegas, historically, was always ground zero for America’s housing boom sponsoring a culture centered around this rapid sale model. Reality-based shows like those on HGTV, according to the Las Vegas Review Journal, help keep this culture and attitude towards Las Vegas intact. 

Potential buyers in Las Vegas are excited by the reports of Las Vegas’ fast-rising home prices but do not understand that flipping a home can come with unforeseen costs along with concrete ones. 

Here are 3 other metropolitan areas gross average profits that are at the top of the state:

Top 3 metro areas, average gross profits

  1. San Jose, CA: $331,000

  2. San Francisco: $149,000

  3. Los Angeles: $140,000

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