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Marijuana Business Formation - Sgro & Roger Can Help

The law offices of Sgro & Roger stay connected to the political climate of both the recreational and medical marijuana industries; Sgro & Roger maintains a close eye on policy decisions in the world of marijuana for businesses, recreational and medical alike. We are able to provide strategic advice and give counsel to our clients based on any recent criminal and civil developments in this particular industry so that your business can flourish legally.

 Our specific area of expertise allows our clients to develop their businesses dramatically while having Sgro & Roger maintain the legal backbone of the company. Sgro & Roger is dedicated to building a relationship with our clients that can greatly benefit their business in the long run by guaranteeing the keep up of important legal changes under marijuana policy.  Medical marijuana services provided by Sgro & Roger include:

  • Comprehensive legal consultations - these are designed to address all levels of law, federal, state and local.

Complete walk through for your marijuana business:

  • Sgro & Roger is fully equipped to incorporate your business and prepare all the documents you need to run your business in compliance with the law.

  • Landlord/Tenant Representation: Sgro & Roger is able to negotiate and protect you on either side of the spectrum when it comes to marijuana law. 

  • Drafting and preparing contracts, reviewing policies and procedures and handling labor laws.

Remember that the legal setting of cannabis laws change constantly; it is in your best interest to retain an attorney that remains up to date on current affairs in the cannabis industry. 


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