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Mistakes that May Jeopardize Your Claim

After a car accident, people can still make mistakes that may handicap their personal injury claim down the line. Here are some of the most common errors by victims after a claim has been submitted. 

Attempting to Handle the Entire Process by Yourself

People may believe that not hiring an attorney to help with their claim can save them money; however, an experienced attorney can help facilitate the process and ensure just compensation. Insurance companies are experts at finding reasons to deny claims. 

Failing to Contact Police

A police report can reveal the scope of damages in an accident and can be extraordinarily helpful in determining which driver was at fault. Police may track down witnesses, and record critical details of the accident as well as potentially issue a traffic citation if they determine the other driver was at fault. The citation and the police report can serve as strong evidence for your claim. 

Leaving Too Soon

If you are well enough to take pictures of the accident and exchange information with the other driver/drivers, this can serve as valuable information for your attorney. Write down the contact information of any witnesses, the insurance information of the other driver, and provide as many details as possible to law enforcement. 

Failing to Seek Medical Attention

Even if you are not immediately in pain, injuries like whiplash can show up days or weeks after a trauma resulting from a collision. This is why it is important to go see a doctor as soon as possible so that he or she can document any potential health concerns. If you begin medical treatment, remain consistent.

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