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Mr. Sgro's Trial Highlights

Partner & attorney Tony Sgro of Sgro & Roger has developed a legal reputation garnering national attention since he began practicing law. From multi-million dollar personal injury settlements to rigorous criminal defense cases, Mr. Sgro’s career speaks for itself. As a death qualified attorney with a personal belief that no human being deserves death, Mr. Sgro began focusing on personal injury, criminal defense, entertainment law & business litigation. 

In 1993, Mr. Sgro represented David Lemons in his accusal of the murder of Larry Volk. Mr. Sgro proffered a theory that LaVerne Volk was actually the killer. Lemons was soon deemed not guilty. Another of the earlier cases that garnered national attention was that of Charles Early, former Henderson police cadet, charged in a 1996 slaying, that ended with an acquittal.

In 2006, Mr. Sgro headlined the Las Vegas Review Journal with, “Attorney Sgro’s work for Crazy Horse Too owner becomes very big deal.” Mr. Sgro was the lead attorney in the defense of Rizzolo who was targeted for a racketeering charge and allegations of mob connections but wound up pleading to a tax fraud conspiracy. 

Success in Personal Injury law is just as prevalent as it is in Criminal Defense: in 2014, Mr. Sgro obtained the largest single person “injury” settlement in Nevada history. Sgro filed suit on behalf of a young man rendered severely mentally and physically disabled as a direct result of the negligence of some of Nevada’s corporations. This settlement in particular had an excess value of over $30 million dollars.

Sgro & Roger is a firm based on integrity, experience & community. Learn more about how we can help you by visiting our website & calling today for a free consultation. 



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