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My Child has Been Arrested: What Can I Do?

Cases where children under 18 are believed to be delinquent are handled in Nevada’s juvenile court system.

Minor’s can have broken the law and be prosecuted as either a minor or as an adult in criminal court in the following circumstances:

  1. The case involves felony charges, and

  2. the child is 14 years old or older. 

Juveniles that face delinquency charges still have the right to an attorney throughout their case; if the child cooperates, the judge may agree to dismiss the case after the child has been supervised for a period of time. Juveniles who are adjudged as delinquent in Nevada face punishments such as:

  1. fines,

  2. community service,

  3. detention at a youth camp or detention center, and/or

  4. suspension of their driver’s license.

Nevada courts usually seal juvenile records when the child turns 21 with the exception of sex offenses. 

What’s the difference between Juvenile Court and Criminal Court?

  1. Juvenile court is like criminal court, but the court alleges kids of being delinquent or being “in need of supervision” instead of charging them with crimes. 

  2. Juvenile court penalties are usually less harsh than in criminal court and judges are more concerned with rehabilitation than punishment; unlike court records in the criminal system, most juvenile court records are sealed when the child turns 21.

What is a Delinquent Child in Nevada?

A delinquent child is a minor who the juvenile court finds has broken the law. If the minor was an adult and had done the same thing, that minor would be facing criminal charges instead.  ex. If a 17-year old and an 18-year old both trespass and are caught doing so, the 17-year old will face delinquency proceedings and the 18-year old will face criminal charges. 

If you or your son or daughter is facing juvenile or criminal charges, contact Sgro & Roger today at 702.384.9800


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