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Nevada Wants to Give Free Data to Local Businesses:

An exciting new program approved by the state called Nevada Grow sponsors development for small, local businesses. Nevada Grow provides consumer, demographic and industry data to business owners.

43 business owners in Nevada accessed the program and this generated nearly $1 million in gross revenue for all of the businesses combined. An assemblywoman, championing the legislation stated, "We are going to teach these businesses how to use this customized data and research… mentor[ing] them through the process.”

There was a meeting at CSN to spread the word about the program & provide a list of what the data could provide:

1. The best place to place a company location

2. Consumer demographics based on ZIP code

To qualify for the program, your business must:

— Have its principal place of business within the State of Nevada and have had its principal place of business in the state for at least two years

— Generate at least $50,000 but not more than $700,000 in revenue

— Have a business plan

Sgro & Roger encourages supporting local businesses & can help with any business formations, no matter how large or small. Message us on our website, call us at 702.384.9800 for a free consultation & find out how we can help you develop a legally sound business.



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