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Personal Injury: What You Need to Know

Updated: May 23, 2018

Oftentimes, accidents are overwhelming but personal injury law is about more than just car accidents. There are several types of personal injury subcategories under the P.I. umbrella:

Types of Personal Injury Cases:

Back and Neck Injuries;

Body and Limb Injuries;

Head and Face Injuries;

Brain Injuries;

Burn Injuries;

Birth Defects;

Heart Injury;

Lung Injury;

Spinal Cord Injury; and


There are also types of personal injury that involve injuries to children. These sorts of cases are more complicated than the average PI case but we it is important to know that our attorneys can still help. Birth defects, injuries and traumas all fall within the realm of personal injury. Even prescription medicine drug recalls, accidents in public transportation and child abuse can qualify as Personal Injury.

Partnered with the same attorney that brought OJ Simpson to justice, Sgro and Roger guarantees an attention to detail unlike any other. Our firm has never lost a jury trial in Personal Injury; find out how we can help you with your case today. In most Personal Injury cases, you don’t pay unless we win.



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