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Project Neon:

Nearly two decades in the making, Project Neon is the largest public works project in Nevada history.

Project NEON will widen 3.7 miles of Interstate 15 between Sahara Avenue and the “Spaghetti Bowl” interchange in downtown Las Vegas. It’s currently the busiest stretch of highway in Nevada with 300,000 vehicles daily, or one-tenth of the state population, seeing 25,000 lane changes an hour. Traffic through the corridor is expected to double by 2035.

Project highlights

  • HOV direct connect between U.S. 95 and I-15

  • Conversion of express lanes on I-15 to HOV

  • New I-15 HOV interchange: “Neon Gateway”

  • Reconstruction of Charleston interchange

  • MLK realignment with flyover at Charleston

  • Grand Central Parkway extension to Industrial

Project Goals

  • Improve safety

  • Reduce congestion

  • Reduce travel delays

  • Create jobs

  • Improve air quality

  • Improve freeway operations

  • New surface street connections

  • Better access to downtown Las Vegas



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