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Ransomware: Watch your Virtual Back

Corporations and individuals are more susceptible to ransomware now then ever before; with a massive increase in popularity amongst hackers in the past several years, this is the first form of malware ever to pose both threats of personal and fiscal destruction. 

Compromised data, like case files, personal records & financial statements, can seriously impact your client’s and personal security. Ransomware takes data that it justifies as valuable and hackers will sell that data to the highest bidder.

This type of malevolent behavior is accomplished by implanting a virus on compromised hard-drives usually by means of an infected link or downloaded file. In 2017, according to Kaspersky Lab, over 479 million cyber attacks occurred internationally in the first quarter of 2017. Law firms are particularly susceptible to cyber attacks because they rely so heavily on electronically stored information in their daily practices.

This is precisely why Sgro & Roger maintains the highest level of cyber security on all of our files. We do everything in our power to makes sure that our client’s data is protected. 



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