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The Advantages of Working with a Smaller Firm for Your Case

It can be hard to decide whether to choose a large law firm compared to a boutique firm. There are several advantages to working with a  smaller, boutique law firm:

  1. Cost - By definition, smaller law firms have a lower overhead and less expenses than a large firm. Small firms are much less likely to overstaff a case or extend the amount of time spent on a case to make room for other cases. 

  2. Flexibility - Larger firms tend to have a single system in place that they may apply to all cases when different methodology may be more beneficial for the client. Small firms are more flexible and have the ability to work more closely with the client to make sure that there aren’t any unexpected financial burdens or surprise problems. 

  3. A Closer Relationship - You may need a variety of assistance  beyond the bare minimum work done by some larger chain law firms; at Sgro & Roger, we get to know our clients so that we can anticipate and accommodate their specific needs. 

  4. Familiarity - When you work with a smaller law firm, you begin to know the people working on your case. This builds a sense of connection between our attorneys and our client which enhances communication. 

There is an overwhelming number of law firms that represent clients in the field of personal injury. Not having a personal recommendation from a friend regarding a law firm can leave a person feeling unsure about their decision when it comes to hiring the best legal assistance possible. This is why Sgro & Roger emphasizes that most of our business comes directly from client referrals. 

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