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The Difference Between Jail & Prison:

Nevada jails typically house both males and females while Nevada prisons are usually single-gender. People tend to use the terms “jail” and “prison” interchangeably but the two are vastly different. 

Nevada Jails: If a person is in jail, they usually:

  • have been arrested,

  • are awaiting trial and cannot post bail, and/or

  • are serving misdemeanor sentences.

Misdemeanors typically include a fine and a sentence of one year or less in jail. Jails, the Clark County Detention Center for example, in downtown Las Vegas have inmates that are both male and female. The jails do usually separate the sexes by building, hall, floor or section depending on the facility’s size. 

Nevada Prisons: Prisons are for inmates that have been convicted of a felony and are serving their sentence. Most of Nevada’s prisons are single gender and house male inmates in Nevada. There are several that house only female inmates including:

  • Florence McClure Women’s Correctional Center

  • Jean Conservation Camp

  • Silver Springs Conservation Camp

Female inmates may also be temporarily housed in Northern Nevada Correctional Center before being transferred to a female prison facility.

  1. The Nevada prison population is comprised of mostly male. Only about 10 percent are female with nearly a third serving sentences for drug-related offenses. Most of the female inmates in Nevada fall between the ages of 35-39 followed by 30-34 

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