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Tips to Discourage Home Burglars:

Around 130 burglaries occur every hour in the United States; homeowners in Las Vegas, compared to other cities in America, are about 18 percent more likely to have their homes burglarized. These criminals are opportunistic and usually will only attempt to rob homes that seem like easy targets. 

The three most impactful factors for burglars are the following:

  1. Time of Day

    1. Considering the typical 9-5 schedule of a working adult, burglars are just as prone to infiltrating your home during the day as they are at night. If your house is empty during the day, it’s easier for burglars to get in and get out without anybody inside. 

  2. Noise 

    1. The louder an area is, the easier it is for a robber to enter your home and leave without making too much noise considering the loud environment. 

  3. Visibility 

    1. Do you live in a corner house? Or perhaps you are isolated from your neighbors? You may be at an increased risk to getting your home burglarized. 

Here are 5 tips to discourage burglars:

  1. Get a security system.

    1. Research has proven that homes with no security systems are about 3 times more likely to be broken into. 

  2. Deadbolt lock the entries to your home. 

    1. Intruders entering through the front or back door will be severely discouraged if a deadbolt increases the difficulty of their entry. 

  3. Think about buying a pet. 

    1. A dog that barks at the sign of a guest or intruder may be able to worry potential criminals about making too much noise upon breaking in. 

  4. Light up your home on the outside. 

    1. Having lights on that allow your neighbors to see a suspicious person can be an effective deterrent.

  5. Be careful who you let inside your home. 

    1. Make sure you trust your guests. 

From all of us at Sgro & Roger, be safe and take these precautionary steps in order to avoid burglary. 


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